2004       World Actuel Newspaper’’Respect to Masters  I’’ in İstanbul.
2005      Can Akengin Art Gallery in Giresun.
2006      Press Museum’’Respect to Masters II’’ in İstanbul.
2007      Tarık Zafer Tunaya Art Gallery’’Selections’’in İstanbul.
2010      Taksim Art Gallery Grand hall’’The Land of Wonders’’ in İstanbul.




2005       The Associations of Painting and Sculpture Museums, Military Museum in İstanbul.
2006       Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center ‘’Flow of Life: From Inside to the Outside, From Outside tothe Inside’’Kadıköy-İstanbul.
09/2007  Abra Art Gallery’’From Love To Hope’’ in Teşvikiye-İstanbul.
06/2008  IMOGA(İstanbul Museum of Graphic Arts)Üsküdar-İstanbul.
03/2009  Çekirdek Art’’96 Artist-96 Works’’ , Beyoğlu in İstanbul.
04/2009  Ressamlar Derneği Sanat Evi’’Küçük İşler’’,Tünel-İstanbul.
06/2009  IMOGA(İstanbul Museum of Graphic Arts ‘’Atölye2008-2009’’,Üsküdar-İstanbul.
11/2011  Basic Photograph Seminars Exhibition-İFSAK in Beyoğlu.
2014       International Association of Art(IAA) Art Gallery “Selfpotraits or Lonely”, in İstanbul.




06/2007  Beksam Painting Exhibitions , Basel in Switzerland.
11/2007  Northwest Cultural Council&Kimball Hill Galleries’’The Look of Love’’ USA.
01/2008  Caladan Gallery’’Nadir:Returning Home’’ online USA.
02/2008  Caladan Gallery’’Transforming Matters’’ online USA.
04/2008  Caladan Gallery’’Plant Life’’ online USA.
05/2008  Upstream People Gallery:10th Annual Contemporary Art Juried Online Internetional Art Exhibition USA.
2008       The International Painting Salon 2008-Romania.
07/2008  Upstream People Gallery:10th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition USA.
2008       The International Small Engraving-Romania.
02/2009   Art:Raw Gallery Inaugural Exhibit: Debut Show Featuring 300+Artists ,Newyork.
04/2009   Florean Museum:Mail Art Project-Romania.
1-Mail Art Photo
2-Mail Art Pink
3-Mail Art Potrait.
09/2009  Caladan Gallery’’Intermingling Senses’’online USA.
12/2009  Florean Museum:The First Edition of Drawings Salon:Carbunari-Romania.
01/2010  Abstract Exposure online juried exhibition USA.
05/2010  Upstream People Gallery:12th Annual Contemporary Art Juried online International Art Exhibition, USA.
09/2011  LICC(London International Creative Competition) .
07/2012  Upstream People Gallery:14th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition, USA.




2007      Northwest Cultural Council International Juried Competition:Theme’’The Look of Love’’,work’’Madily in Love’’.
2008      Upstream People Gallery:10th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition:
1-Bahçeköy:Juried Special Recognition.
2-Haydarpaşa:Juried Special Recognition.
2011     LIICC(London International Creative Competition) short list.Work’’Land of Wonders’’.
2012     Upstream People Gallery: 14th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition,
’’Landscape of Seven Wonders’’: Special Recognition.
2013     Infinity Art Gallery Black&White Expo 2013 finalist.